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foldedcranes (or, what is in a name?)

Probably everyone has some kind of story about how they came to be called something.

Sometime early on in our relationship, over Mee Goreng at Chummeez I taught CIA how to fold a paper crane. It’s something I taught myself at some long ago stage of my life, and something that is really therapeutic (one day maybe we’ll post a video?). What used to be a hobby has gradually become a little obsessive. We’ve folded hundreds now, and there is something wonderful about the reaction that people have to creased paper.

When we arrived in the Netherlands, we were walking along Noordeinde, Den Haag and found an amazing paper shop. We immediately purchased (in our hilarious Nederlands) some beautiful origami paper. We each folded a crane every day, as we adjusted to the new way of life, in a new country.

It became something of a ritual, and when our Japanese friend visited us, she was very impressed. So much so, that when she returned to Leiden from a trip home she brought back as a gift some even more beautiful Japanese origami paper. If you have not tried folding the real thing, I can really recommend it.

We have many cranes now, and we think that they look particularly good en masse, in the grass.

The cranes have really come to represent us, in so many ways. They are not as fragile as they look, but they are elegant, graceful and always colourful.

Our garden is also looking particularly nice, as summer starts to make its presence felt, and the cranes seemed right at home.

At our wedding, the cranes became our wedding favours – a gift of time and care – something that stands for us. More on this, in due course.

When it came to naming our blog, in the end, what else could it have been, but foldedcranes?


Photos by CIA and PJD, this evening, in the garden.


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